Our History

After the British government's hand over and the end of the Muslim state, not only that the power of the Muslims got weakened, but Islam began to be clouded, Because the wind of the West and Europe began to be visible everywhere. Aberration from religious obligations, strange spiritual motives, magic of liberation, and love of materialism make love for hearts and minds, All around, the unrest spread a horoscope of ignorance and darkness that the poisonous gas of Christianity appeared, The new anti-religious flags of religious beliefs were introduced to knowledge. The laws and knowledge were drawn on the basis of knowledge and wisdom. The Western domination not only took place in the Islamic politics of Hindustan but it was in order to erase the Religion and beliefs, faith and History and tradition is to be removed. He strengthened the senses of the Muslims. It seemed clear to them that if some negligence was overtaken at this time, religion Islam and religious beliefs like Government of Islam would also leave India very soon, And not surprisingly, India becomes the second Spain of the world. Therefore, active scholars and sincere activitists came in the field, and to try to make different efforts to protect Islam, One of these signs is the establishment of Emirate Shariya Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand.
One of these attempts is to make Emirate Shariah Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand, which was founded by Abul Muhasin, Maulana Muhammad Sajjad Sahab to establish Muslims of Orissa and Jharkhand, especially in the non-Muslim majority country. A new way to follow the Shariat showed. Provided a strong platform for solving sensitive Islamic issues such as divorce, Khula, inheritance etc. Alhamdulillah from the beginning of this institution in its mission and purpose is seeing a success.
In particular, the specialist of the Islamic Emirate, Maulana Syed Muhammad Minnatullah Rahmani, was very keen to convey that a great standard religious, educational teaching should be established in the capital of our Bihar, Patna.
Which should be management of standard education and best training and expertise, so that it can prepare a group of sincere scholars who are right and really guided by the religion of Muslims. And religion is also the protector of the Sunnat wal Jamaat,  It is not only related to Western science and philosophers and artists, but with an inevitable degree of science, as well as restoration of science, Through his knowledge, he could perform a great deal of responsibility in foot step of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the form of a Divine Law.
But Hazrat's dream could not be fulfilled in his life; But after that, both of his companions Hazrat Maulana Syed Nizamuddin Sahib and Hazrat Qazi al-Qaza Maulana Mujahid-ul-Islam Qasmi, 21 shawwal al mukarram 1420h, 28th January 2000, by establishing an institution named "Darul Uloom al-Islami" by teaching the Noorul Izaah in the mosque of Qazi Nagar, "Um Khalid al-Farhud", fulfilled Hazrat's dreams. The first year was only three levels: Adadiyah, Arabi Awwal and Arabi doem, and the total number of students was twenty-five (25), The second year, the Arabi som is increased, And the number of students living in Darul Aqamah became fifty (50), In the third year the Arabic Chaharum is increased and Often the management of the food and education of the students was from the institution, There was no increase in the fourth year; but the number of students became eighty five (85), The fifth year increased a class of Arabi Panjam and the number of students became(108) one hundred eighty
There was no increase in sixth year; but the number of students was (114) one hundred fourteen.
For these six years, Darul uloom continued to the housed in rented building for which three houses had been rented, students and teachers in all these six years, with all patience and kept engaging in education.
Even its own land of Darul Uloom Alislamia, in Gonpur. which was purchased with the help of late Ahmed Raza Khan the founder of Raza high school. On 3 Rabial awwal  1426 h on 13th of April 2005, Wednesday on the basis of the foundation of the building of Dar-ul-Uloom Islamia by Hazrat Ameer-e-Shariyat. 
Work started on approximately 10,000 square feet and at the end of 20th, Muharram 1427, on sunday of 2006, a great opening of this new building was held.
A great meeting of the general public held on the occasion in which the country's scholars addressed the audience. And the whole Bihar, especially a large part of Patna's people attended, despite the location of the place, thousands of people participated in the meeting and the meeting was successful in all respects. After the inauguration of the new building, with a commitment to the new environment, a learning and training journey of Darul-Uloom al-Islamia started and in this year increased a class, darja-e-Hifz-o-Nazirah and darja-e-Arabi shashum,
At that time, the number of students was one hundred sixtyseven (167). In the eighth year, one darja Arabic Haftam  was added. No new status was added in the ninth year, but in the tenth year, the Daura-e-Hadith Sharif was established, and Alhamdulillah until now, the organization is planning to make exceptional and diverse development opportunities, which can be estimated at the growing number of students, and increase in spirituality knowledge and the environment, and despite the lack of resources and facilities, and great enthusiasm is being felt in the students and teachers.