Children Education

For the present besides Hifz and Nazera education is given from Adadia to Daura-e-Hadith, and the number of students living in Darulaqama is almost four hundred (505), There are twenty (23) teacher for their education and training and number of employees are in addition to this, on the line of Dars-e-Nizami, Translation of the Qur'an, interpretation, Principles of interpretation, Hadith, Principles of Hadith, jurisprudence, Principles of  jurisprudence, Rule of Islam, Nahav sarf, Bilaghat, Arabic literature, logic and philosophy, history, Persian literature and In addition to Urdu language and literature. Out of modern education Hindi, Science and English are taught. The annual curriculum is set in each level, and monthly curriculum is also set to complete the annual curriculum. Alhamdulillah Every year, all the books are taught up to the curriculum. There are two general exams for the Adadia, both examinations half yearly and annual examinations are closely monitored. There is only speech test from the Arabic  sixth to The Hadith, and rest classes both oral and written examination are taken. In order to improve further education, from the basic to Arabic fourth every month oral test is taken, which has a good impact.
Two associations “Bazm e Qazi Mujahidul Islam” and “Bazm e Adab” have been established to highlight oral and writing capabilities in students. on behalf of “Bazm e Qazi Mujahidul Islam” Weekly program is held on every Thursday after Namaz e Maghrib to Namaz e Isha. Twelve groups have been set up due to the large number of students, each circle program is organized by a manager and under supervision of a teacher. Students participate in it, which is gaining a significant advantage. In the last year there is an ending program in which students offer a short sample of the entire year preparation, it is so interesting that the audience leave their seats after end of programme. Also, in order to illustrate the capabilities of the students in writing, "Bazm e Qazi Mujahid-ul-Islam" publishes three peculiar articles, in Urdu "Monthly Payam Dar-ul-Uloom" and "Sada-e-Haq" and “Ad daawah" in Arabic language. Students write themselves articles and examine the teachers and they display their articles. And a very comprehensive and useful magazine is published every month with the name “Uqaab” by forum "Bazm e Adab", In which research, academic, literary and funny articles are published for elementary to higher classes children. The scholars of the world saw the value and they repeatedly appreciated the work. A manual paper was also published in Arabic by name "Al Sahwah " by “Bazm e Adab” but due to some reasonable compulsions, its post has been paused.